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1494 - was born the Italian mannerist painter Jacopo da Pontormo

1897- Dies the cuban writer José Martí.

1930 Director Claude Chabrol was born in Paris France

1974 - Dies the american musician Duke Ellington

CCR -Centro Cultural Recoleta

The Centre’s building dates from the 17th century and it was renewed many times, the last one in 1980 by Clorindo Testa, Jacques Bedel e Luis Benedit in order to adopt a new role as a cultural centre. The Centre realizes exhibitions of well known and emerging contemporaries artists arranged in 27 galleries . Moreover there are a theater, an auditorium and a multifunctional space for performing arts and rooms for courses and workshops.


Centro Cultural Borges

The Centro Cultural Borges is located in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, within Galerías Pacifico, a prestigious building dating back to the end of the 19th century, especially known because of the mural paintings by Spilimbergo, Berni, Castagnino, Colmeiro and Urruchua in the dome. The Centre, inaugurated in 1995 and dedicated to the great Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges, offers many cultural activities, such as art exhibits, music, dance, films, theatre, conferences, workshops and various educational programs.


Centro de Exposiciones de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

The Centro de Exposiciones de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, located behind the UBA law department, offers 6 pavilons located in 20000 m² indoors and 3000 m² outdoors. Many exhibitions and conventions take place in this centre, for example Expotrastiendas, the Art Galleries Fair.

Cruce de artes

Cruce de Artes is an underground tunnel that crosses Av. Del Libertador at the level of Av. Sarmiento and connect the zoological garden with Palermo gardens. This place opened in 2003 as a cultural espace after a twenty years closure so as to spread the knowledge of city’s cultural assets and art expressions.


Espacio de Arte - Fundación OSDE

Espacio de Arte is a gallery of the Fundación OSDE (OSDE’s group’s foundation created in 1992 in order to realize discussions and reflections about medical and business activities) dedicated to historical and emerging artists’ exhibitions to the purpose to promote contemporary art.


Palais de Glace

Collections: Prize-winning works from the National Salons (1911-1998) - Plastic Arts (Painting and Sculpture, 423 works), Engraving and Drawing (191 works), Textile Art (42 works), Ceramic Art (62 works) and Photography (62 works).
Activities: Temporary exhibits of national and international Contemporary Art


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