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1494 - was born the Italian mannerist painter Jacopo da Pontormo

1897- Dies the cuban writer JosÚ MartÝ.

1930 Director Claude Chabrol was born in Paris France

1974 - Dies the american musician Duke Ellington

Arario Beijing

This well-known landmark of Chaoyang District in Beijing "Jiuchang (liquor factory)" was built in 1975, and has newly developed in 2005 as complex dedicated to art. Within the complex, there are several local and international galleries together with almost 100 artists studios in 5 buildings, occupying 3,000 square meters in total. Among them, 3 gallery spaces are dedicated solely for contemporary art exhibitions.


Ke Center For Contemporary Arts

Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art is a multi-functional and non-profit institution of culture and art, providing services to the development of Chinese contemporary art and a platform for the international exchange of contemporary art. 


Platform China Contemporary Art Institute

As a multi-function art organization, the main aim of Platform China Contemporary Art Institute (Platform China) is to develop and promote contemporary art in China and to build up a platform of cultural exchange and dialogue between Chinese and international artists. It includes gallery spaces, artists’ residency studios, a multi-media room and a project space.
Platform China not only directly supports visual art, performing/performance art, experimental music, new media and all the other cutting-edge art forms, but also promotes contemporary art through publishing, curating, and managing art projects.


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