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1494 - was born the Italian mannerist painter Jacopo da Pontormo

1897- Dies the cuban writer José Martí.

1930 Director Claude Chabrol was born in Paris France

1974 - Dies the american musician Duke Ellington

Centro d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea de La Spezia

The Centre was born with the attempt to preserve, expose, increase and promote the civic collections acquired with the "Golfo della Spezia" painting prize between 1949 and 1965 which have been expanded thanks to the generous donations from the Cozzani and Battolini collections. Besides such mission, CAMeC intends to receive, signal and study the expressions of the most relevant contemporary artists with particular focus on the younger generations, of which it will be a careful observer.


Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina (CCCS)

The Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina (CCCS), part of the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, was created as platform for the different approaches and practices that characterise the production of contemporary art and culture. The basic approach of the Centro di Cultura Contemporanea Strozzina (hereafter CCCS) is to develop a multiyear programme which harnesses both local and international networks. This means not only developing thematic exhibitions to be held during the year but also inviting independent curators and institutions to propose exhibitions, series of videos and films, workshops, performances and lectures to be hosted at the centre on a regular basis.


Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci

Built on the basis of plans drawn up by the Florentine rationalist architect Italo Gamberini, the Centre for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci was founded in 1988 in memory of the son of the Industrialist Enrico Pecci, with contributions by the city administration, various companies, business people and private citizens. It is active internationally, with a wide program of temporary exhibitions, didactic activity, documentation and information, multimedia events and performances.


Hangar Bicocca

Foto: Studio Blu - Torino


Isola Art Center

The Isola Art Center space is an attempt to provide an effective response to planning shortcomings. This project has been developing for five years, with the involvement of groups of artists, neighborhood associations, collectives of architects and urbanists, as new subjects active in the production of the city. As the borderlines between the intellectual sphere, political action and culture become increasingly blurred, an artspace can no longer present itself as a separate situation, outside an urban context stratified between memories, practices and new functions. In this sense the Isola Art Center attempts to insert itself in the "here and now" of the contingencies of social space, inside a multitude of different stories.


Merano Arte

Open all year round, Merano arte presents changing exhibitions in the fields of fine arts, architecture, literature, music, photography, and new media on 500 square meters of exhibition space over three floors. The body responsible for the institution is the non-profit association Merano arte which finances the program by public and private funds.


Palazzo Marino

Now the City Council’s headquarters, Palazzo Marino was built in the 16th century for a family of Genoese bankers. It was designed by a leading architect, Galeazzo Alessi; his are the beautiful inner courtyard and the main façade, which - strange as it may seem - is today’s back front.


Villa Manin

The Centre for Contemporary Art is located in the Villa Manin Estate, in the village of Passariano, Codroipo (Udine). The building is an example of the Veneto villa, clearly influenced by Palladio, well known for being the last Doge Ludovico Manin residence, where the "Treaty of Campoformido" was signed. The Centre organises thematic exhibitions, international collaborations, shows dedicated to artists of the Region and various collateral events.


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