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1664 was born Andreas Schlüter, German baroque sculptor and architect

INSA Art space

In 2000, IAS began an exhibition space that supports emerging artists. In 2005, IAS laid its foundation for research and development project in the visual arts by incorporating special archival project and workshop programs. In 2006, IAS reinforces the functions of project consulting and publication planning to be better equipped as a complex envisioning multiplicity, exchange, and sustainability.


Kunsthalle Gwangju

KUNSTHALLE GWANGJU is an art project itself. The concept and program involves artists, visitors and the team to interact with each other. This creates new questions, interesting tensions and inspiring moments. As a social sculpture the art is created by the existence of this venue and its interaction with the people.It is not a white cube to display finished art pieces of international artists for mere consumption. Cultural development will be experienced by new art strategies which pose questions of contemporary life and a global society. KUNSTHALLE GWANGJU will invite korean, asian and global artists to perform interaction art and develop new local aspects according to the city and citizens of Gwangju.


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