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1494 - was born the Italian mannerist painter Jacopo da Pontormo

1897- Dies the cuban writer JosÚ MartÝ.

1930 Director Claude Chabrol was born in Paris France

1974 - Dies the american musician Duke Ellington


Art Gwangju, the first edition of which will take place in September 2010 is a sister event to the Gwangju Biennale, Art Gwangju will be different from other existing art fairs in that it will bring together works of contemporary art and design. Art Gwangju will lay the ground work for the aesthetic, cultural, and industrial bridging of contemporary art and design.


Media City Seoul

Inaugurated in 2000 with a specific aim to enforce the image of the city of Seoul as a capital of technological development, the exhibition has been one of few international biennials with a focus on "media art". As the possibilities of media continue to redefine and alter everyday life, it is an opportune moment to re-examine our basic notion of media, in order to intelligently and thoughtfully head forth into a new era.


The Busan Biennale

Busan Biennale is a comprehensive art festival that integrated three different festivals that had been held in the city. Now, the festival serves as an arena to present an interpretation of the hard-to-understand contemporary art,


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