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Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art is committed to establishing and preserving a new interpretation and perspective of traditional Korean art, encouraging and presenting new trends in Korean modern art, and displaying international contemporary art that reflects the preeminent values of our time. As part of its commitment, the Museum is very much interested in open-ended exploration, welcoming all who enjoy and understand art, enriching art worldwide, without boundaries.


National Museum of Contemporary Art DEOKSUGUNG

Annex of National Museum of Contemporary Art at Deoksugung Palace was originally built as an annex to the National Museum of Contemporary Art. It specializes in seeking out and researching modern art, and also in exhibiting and preserving them. Because it uses the Seokjojeon annex inside the Deoksugung Palace as its exhibition space, the center maintains a unique traditional atmosphere to it with  modern works such as paints in Indian ink, colorings, oil paintings, and sculptures.


National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea

The National Museum of Contemporary Art is situated inside the Seoul Grand Park in Gwacheon. Originally this museum was established as a small exhibition hall within the Gyeongbokgung Palace in 1969. However a bigger exhibition area was required for displaying the masterpieces and hence the National Museum of Contemporary Art was laid in the Seokjojeon after refurbishing the building. Actually Seokjojeon was a colossal granite building in the Deoksugung Palace and was previously used to host the imperial guests. Later in the year 1986, the museum was moved inside the Seoul Grand Park. The National Museum of Contemporary Art looks wonderful with its picturesque backdrop of Mt. Cheonggyesan, an outdoor sculpture park and an amphitheater within this exquisitely designed museum. At present the National Museum of Contemporary Art has a total floor space of 120, 000square meters where the masterpieces of modern era are exhibited. The famous museum displays Korean paintings including oil paintings, handicraft works and sculptures.


National Museum of Korea

The National Museum of Korea (NMK) endeavors to preserve, to exhibit, and to interpret our cultural heritage in a manner that befits the museum’s international scale. It also strives through international cultural exchanges to become a world-class institution that serves the Korean people. To achieve its mission, the museum will focus on three objectives: popularization, globalization, and informatization.


SEMA Gyeonghuigung - The Seoul Museum of Art

The Seoul The Gyeonghuigung Annex Building was dynamically set in an historical area, but its ironworks and other aspects were made to suit its location near the wide courtyard of Gyeonghuigung (a royal villa during the Joseon period) This building shows another exhibition area having high ceilings of over 10 meters, iron and structural works inside showing the construction of the building as-is, the circular hallways with flowing lines showing the inside construction and zig-zagging interior; it ports a distinct physical personality divided from the cold feeling of modernism. It provides a superior opportunity for art groups to present their works and attracts many exhibitions, receiving general applications from capable groups in order to give the people of Seoul the opportunity to view various art exhibitions.


SEMA NamSeou - The Seoul Museum of Art

The old Belgian Embassy in Namhyeon-dong, Gwanak-gu in Seoul was opened as the NamSeoul Annex Side Building on September 2nd, 2004. This is a beautiful 1900 century building made in an elegant neo-classical style with minimal decoration. The granite and red stone walls that line the lush outdoor sculpture courtyard stand in accord with the balcony’s Ionic columns and inside the rooms stretch out freely from the entryway with their original neo-classical interior columns and fireplaces. Along with the main building in Seosomun, the Namseoul Side Building has been responsible for running children’s educational programs as a public art museum for an expansion of the base of societal education programs. The museum offers the opportunity to young people and residents of the area to feel at once both the experience of art and the scenery and tradition of this former Belgian consulate


SEMA The Seoul Museum of Art

The Seoul Museum of Art has continued to expand since 1928 and moved to its current location at 37 Seosomun-dong in May 2002, after remodeling this building that housed the Republic of Korea Supreme Court from 1948 until 1995. The building was reborn into a cultural space that could be used and enjoyed comfortably by all the people of Seoul. The museum has also opened the Nam Seoul Annex Building south of the river, a region that has comparatively few cultural facilities in relation to the north. It has earned a place amongst the world’s art museums as a public art museum dedicated to open public use.


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