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1494 - was born the Italian mannerist painter Jacopo da Pontormo

1897- Dies the cuban writer José Martí.

1930 Director Claude Chabrol was born in Paris France

1974 - Dies the american musician Duke Ellington

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

The exhibition space of the Islamic Arts Museum differs from most museums as the galleries are housed in a vast open area. The elimination of spatial division permits uninterrupted movement from one exhibition space to the next, inspiring a sense of continuity embodied in the Islamic spirit. The IAMM has two floors of permanent galleries, and two special galleries for temporary exhibitions.


Muzium Negara Malaysia

The Muzium Negara (National Museum ) is a palatial structure built in the style of Minangkabau architecture. Located atop a hill on Jalan Travers, it provides an interesting introduction to the history and culture of Malaysia. Muzium Negara was officially opened on 31 August 1963, is a repository of Malaysia’s rich cultural and historical heritage.


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