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1819 composer Jacques Offenbach was born in Cologne, France

1887 German Dada artist and poet Kurt Schwitters was born in Hannover.

1890 Italian painter Giorgio Morandi was born.

Malmö Konsthall

MALMÖ KONSTHALL was opened in 1975 and is one of Europe’s largest exhibition halls for contemporary art. Architect Klas Anshelm has created an exhibition hall with great flexibility, generous space and fantastic light. The construction materials are light and simple: concrete, glass, wood and aluminium. Most of the gallery has a ceiling constructed like a latticework of 550 domes with both natural and artificial light sources. The height of the ceiling varies. The light well - with the higher ceiling - has a big sloping skylight towards the north. Klas Anshelm got inspiration for the construction when visiting the sculptor Constantin Brancusi in his Paris studio. The result is a gallery that is both functional and aesthetic. An exhibition space that presents the artist with endless possibilities. was renovated in 1994. At that time the exhibition hall and the adjacent older brick building known as Hantverkshuset (the Craft Building) were linked together. This created new spaces for a bookshop, restaurant, Hall C and space for children’s activities as well as a smaller exhibition space called Mellanrummet (the In-between Space).


Moderna Museet

Moderna Museet has one of the world´s best collections of art spanning from 1900 to the present day. The photographic collection comprises works from the 1840s and onwards. The art collection includes key works by artists such as Duchamp, Picasso, Dalí, Matisse and Rauschenberg, along with new acquisitions by contemporary artists. Swedish art is largely integrated with the international works. The contemporary section is rehung more frequently.


Moderna Museet Malmö

Moderna Museet Malmö was inaugurated on December 26 2009.
Moderna Museet Malmö will offer an art experience that is unique for the Öresund region.With an independent exhibition programme, in collaboration with Moderna Museet and its own international contacts, this high-quality museum will show contemporary art’s most important artists and modern classics alternated with a selection from Moderna Museet’s rich collection from 1900 and onwards. Moderna Museet Malmö will develop an exciting new learning programme all year round.


Nationalmuseum / The National Museum of Fine Arts

Nationalmuseum is not only Sweden’s largest art museum. In itself, the building is a striking feature of the Stockholm cityscape. Its architectural design, modelled on that of Florentine and Venetian Renaissance buildings, evokes Italy - the home of the fine arts. The history of the collections dates back to the 16th century.


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